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If applied, they can transform your relationships.

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I still remember when my friend John called me on a Sunday afternoon two years ago. He had an enthusiastic tone in his voice. “I want you to meet Marta, she is the most incredible woman I’ve ever met. Come to my place tomorrow at 6 p.m. and I’ll introduce you to her.”

He was clearly head over heels. In the beginning, I was slightly skeptical, as I thought it was the typical lustful ‘honeymoon period’ that was influencing him, but I was truly glad to hear him happy and I accepted the invitation.

Fast forward to today, they are…

That you can easily learn to join their club.

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Charming people. They always have an exciting story to tell, and they have that seemingly innate ability to make you feel at ease in their company.

It seems some people were simply born like that.

When they enter a room, everyone notices their presence. They are like magnets, and when they talk, everyone hangs on every single word coming out of their mouth.

Many of us often wonder how those people can have such a magnetic personality. Is there a secret formula? How did they become how they are? Were they just born like that?

The answer is, we are…

Tips to make your relationship thrive.

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Four years ago, during a normal day at the office, my friend Sarah went to the kitchen and a nice guy approached her. She knew he liked her, as she had caught him staring at her a few times. He was nervous, and she could see it. So she did her best to make him feel at ease.

They had a short and pleasant conversation that afternoon, then chatted on Messenger for a few days, and after a week they went on their first date.

Fast forward to today, they are one of the coolest couples I’ve ever met.


And that can help you too.

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Hi Sira, we have all enjoyed speaking with you and getting to know you over the last few weeks. The team and I would love to formally offer you a position as a Vendor Contact Management Associate at Amazon. This position will start on the 22nd of January 2018 and full joining instructions will be sent to you shortly.

I was just offered a job at my dream company, Amazon. I was over the moon.

I had applied for at least ten different job offers at Amazon that year and had always been rejected. However, that time was different. I…

And that might help you feel and look younger.

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They say our habits define the quality of our life. This is why we should choose carefully which habits we want to have in life and which ones we want to avoid.

Here are a few healthy habits that are having a strong, positive impact on my life, and that can also help you feel healthier, younger and full of energy.

1. Always Choose Fresh, Whole Foods — and Avoid Processed Foods Like the Plague

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”
— Bethenny Frankel

It is well known how fresh and whole foods are good for our body, while, as mentioned in an article published in the Harvard…

What you should look out for, according to a woman.

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When it comes to dating and relationships, I’ve noticed some men tend to spend a lot of time and energy wondering if a woman likes them back.

I have to admit that some women can be enigmatic, and most times this happens when they don’t want to hurt a man’s feelings or are simply being polite. Yes, there are also women who just want attention, but that’s another story.

The problem with this is men often misread behaviors that don’t necessarily mean someone is into them.

What follows are a few signs that can help you understand if a woman…

Four things you can learn from them to improve your relationships.

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Sophia, a good friend of mine, is the type of woman almost any man would love to have in his life. It’s not just for her appearance, but for how she behaves when in a relationship.

Also, Sophia has a high level of what we more commonly call emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence generally refers to the ability to identify and manage your own emotions — and place yourself in other people’s shoes. It includes a few skills, such as perceiving other people’s emotions, regulating your own, discussing feelings, and helping others do the same thing.

Thanks to their core traits

Ways to set healthy boundaries.

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If you’ve ever been at the grocery store on a Saturday morning, you have probably noticed not only how a place like that can get crowded between nine and noon, but also how tension can easily arise and how rudeness starts spreading.

Picture this: a lady wants to grab a box of cereals for her kids, but there’s a guy in front of the shelf looking at the same box of cereal she wants. …

#1. How they react when you can’t do what they expect.

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It’s not easy to understand others. In fact, it takes time to really get to know someone. Sometimes we think we know a person only to realize after months — or even after years — that we actually formed a wrong idea of them.

When it comes to dating, we all tend to put on a mask and show the best version of ourselves, and for this reason it also becomes difficult to actually see the real version of the person in front of us.

What follows are five things that can tell you a lot about someone you’re dating.

1. How They React When You Can’t Do What They Expect

Beyond the words “I love you.”

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Last year, my friend Emma was dating a guy, Liam, for whom she was head over heels. They were living in the same neighborhood, but they used to only see each other once every two weeks. Liam was particularly busy at work and he said that was the reason he couldn’t spend more time with Emma.

He often told her he was in love with her, but still, she could feel something was not quite right. “I don’t feel loved. And I don’t feel emotionally secure.” This is how she described her side of things. Later, she found out that…

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